I also want to let you know how appreciative and pleased I am of Chris Lorden and all the help and support he provided me personally and to Alfa Aesar throughout the entire construction project. I have work with a few Superintendants over the years, but I can say that Chris is the best by far.

Kevin Lapierre
Operations manager, Alfa Aesar, A Johnson-Matthey Company.

Special Thanks go out to Project Superintendent Chris Lorden for attention to detail and spirit of cooperation. The final product is a showcase we can be proud of.

Tom Buchanan

I commend you on your performance of duty during the Overseas Deployment for Training (ODT) to Ghrafenwoehr Germany. You demonstrated great confidence in yourself, as well as loyalty and commitment to the Mountain Battalion, by volunteering for this challenging training. Congratulations, and my thanks for a job well done!

Donald H. Sheets
Commanding, Vermont Army National Guard

When we want a contractor who can deliver the finest quality out there for our most demanding clients, we call Christophersen. We don’t have to wonder if they will be a good representation of our plumbing company. Thank you guys! You are true professionals, elite performance in your field.

Aaron Christenson
Christenson Plumbing & Heating

Chris is my go to man. He is the best!

Dawn-Marie Edwards

Chris, I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent job you did with my house project. Your promptness, respectfulness, professionalism, quality work and willingness to work with me were greatly appreciated. You are simply every homeowner’s dream contractor.

All the best
John Kottos, Homeowner

Hi Chris,
We just love the bookcase project – thank you for doing an excellent job.

Best regards,
Betsy Singelais